Portfolio and prior investments

Sam Caucci

Sam Caucci

Powering the people that power teams

Wayne Mackey

Elevating play

Rachel Blank

Rachel Blank

Helping women with chronic hormonal conditions

Stephen Kuhl

Stephen Kuhl

Making it radically easier for people to settle into their homes

Maxie Lefleur

Moving the world to make communities thrive

Dr. Florian Otto

Empowering us all to easily and affordably pursue the care we need

Rajat Bhageria

Accelerating the advent of intelligent machines in the world

Robert Reffkin

Exit / IPO Helping everyone find their place in the world

Cyrus Massoumi

Improving the efficiency and equity of healthcare

Dr. Tom Lee

Making healthcare more effective and affordable for all, including the underserved

Eddy Lu

Bringing trust and safety to sneaker reselling

Mance Harmon

Building a trusted, secure, and empowered digital future for all

Kal Vepuri

Helping people take their medication as prescribed

Saad Alam

Empowering people to live in a world where age isn’t a limit

Dr. Akili Hinson

Creating a healthier world

Nabi Awada

Accelerating money movement and consumer rewards.

Dana Mauriello

Empowering kids through entrepreneurship

Allison Robinson

Helping women remain active in the workforce in every stage of their journey

Jonathan Birnbaum

Jonathan Birnbaum

Modernizing access to the bond market for retail investors

Dr. Reza Sanai & Sam Pollaro

Transitioning quantity care into quality care

Doug Imbruce

Exited to Spotify Simplifying audio discovery and distribution

Jonah Hanig

Lowering the barriers to own an investment property

Payal Kadakia Pujji

Currently in stealth mode.

Mark Kornfilt

Currently in stealth mode.

Jeff Chen

Supercharging every function of your business with AI.

Eric Cantor

Helping millions of investors expand their portfolios into private assets